Paperless Dripper and Durable Coffee Server 400

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A paperless dripper has been added to the unbreakable plastic coffee server.
You can also enjoy cold-brew coffee. Dishwasher/dryer safe.

■ Size:
141 × 107 × 184 mm
Body diameter 80 mm (excluding spout)

■ Material:
Lid: Polypropylene (heat resistant to 140°C / cold resistant to -20°C)
2-way dripper frame: Polypropylene (heat resistant to 110°C / cold resistant to -20°C)
Body / attachments: Saturated polyester resin (heat resistant to 110°C) / cold resistant to -20°C)
Mesh: Polyester (#225 mesh) (heat resistant to 110°C / cold resistant to -20°C)
Measuring spoon: Polypropylene (heat resistant to 120°C / cold resistant to -20°C)

■ Capacity:
470 ml (Full)